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Bridge International Company has specialized in the areas of sourcing, countertrade, commodity trading, and project development all over the world.

We will find a specific source for the given product you are looking for. If not, we will direct you to the best possible source of such a given product, and we will research the optimum logistics in all steps of any transaction.

We specialize in locating exportable goods worldwide, finding buyers for those goods, exporting them, and collecting hard currency payment which can be used to pay for the importing of other goods.

Commodity Trading
We have extensive experience moving shiploads or container loads, or goods worldwide. We have a strong network of contacts ready to buy or market all kinds of goods ranging from bulk commodities to finished products. We can act as an agent, or for our own account.

Project Development
We conceive, design, contract, execute, and manage projects, adding value to local goods and raw materials, and thereby making them more marketable internationally.

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